Children's Rooms

Rooms specifically designed to cater for your child’s development & education needs

Our Rooms

To ensure our children receive appropriate care and education at their different stages of development, our nursery is split into four rooms. Our children will only move up a room when they are ready and this will be over a phased transition period.


Mottingham  Nursery Saplings Room

Saplings Room

Our bright and cosy baby room offers a safe and secure environment for our youngest children. We take babies from 6 weeks and work closely with parents to ensure we incorporate individual feeding and sleeping plans. Books and toys are easily accessible for our crawlers and our adventurous babies enjoy our climbing frame and slide.

Mottingham Nursery Acorn Room

Acorn Room

Our toddlers only move up into Acorn when they are walking. Acorn room is naturally a more physical setting as our new walkers explore their environment and start to learn social skills with their peers. Expect lots of fun and messy play as well as quieter reading and relaxing time.

Mottingham Nursery Maple Room.

Maple Room

In Maple room real friendships start to blossom as children become more aware of themselves and the people around them. At this age, children are starting to develop in confidence and are learning to be more independent, therefore there is direct access to the toilets for potty training and private double doors to our garden.

Mottingham Nursery Oak Room

Oak Room

Everything in our pre-school room is tailored to getting children ready for school. Oak room feels a little more like reception, with registration taken each morning and our children encouraged to serve and clear away their own food. Our private double doors open to our garden and we also take our pre-schoolers out on a number of trips.