Our framework for effective family partnerships

We are committed to open and honest communication regarding your child’s development and experience at our day nursery.

  • Working together, we will support your child to develop a positive sense of self and a healthy enthusiasm towards learning and discovery throughout the first informative years.

  • Our online parent portal gives secure access to your child’s learning and development progress at any time. This has transformed how our parents interact with their child’s early learning experience and makes the process quicker and simpler for their Educators.

  • Parents are involved in activities both at nursery and at your home. We have an open door policy and you can visit nursery any time. You will always find a positive welcome and an embracing and enthusiastic team.

  • Parents are encouraged to talk with your child’s Key Person on a regular basis, sharing feedback, discussing your child’s interests, your child’s learning journal, and any planned projects or activities.

  • Every other week we send out a newsletter, which updates you on activities, trips, plans, and any developments at nursery. You will also get to know our staff with our regular meet the team feature and feedback or suggestions for new features are always welcomed.

  • We have a Facebook page and Twitter account which are regularly updated with our news and developments.

  • There is a parent area, a place for you to sit quietly and take the opportunity to read the nursery notice board, look at the menu for the week, learn about new advances and other interests and of course meet other parents.

  • We encourage parents on our waiting list to come and enjoy a stay and play session which is held at nursery every Friday morning. This is a nice way to meet other parents and their children and often the beginning of lifelong friendships.