Child places available

After your initial enquiry we will happily give you a tour of our nursery, bearing in mind our procedures for keeping the children safe. We believe it is in parent's interest to see nursery as it is on the day therefore we will happily show you around answering any questions that may arise as we go or after your visit. Application is made by completing a registration form and at this point you will be asked to pay the sum of £75 which covers administration.

When an intake date is agreed, we will ask you to complete more detailed family information including necessary consents and you will be asked to sign up to our contractual terms and conditions. We will request to make a home visit to allow your child and yourselves to meet key members of the management team in your own environment and settling information will be shared.

Settling in for a period of 2 hours each time can take place over 2 or 3 sessions and can be extended if you feel this is required. Every child is unique and we remain flexible to meet the needs of our families.

The information you have provided is fed onto our secure database with a copy provided to you so we can ensure this is accurate and this can be updated at any time during your child’s stay at our nursery.

We understand the worries associated with leaving your child in someone else’s care and we work closely with parents and children to make this emotional time run as smoothly as possible. As a part of our settling process we invite parents to return after 3 months to give valuable feedback on how your child has settled and this creates an ideal opportunity to update child information if required.