Mottingham Hall Nursery Children

On-site Forest School

Forest School is a child-lead approach to learning. Children are encouraged and guided to direct their own development and planning. It takes on board the children’s interests prior to the session and constantly evolves as children explore, adapt and have the freedom to create.

Benefits of Forest School:
The benefits of Forest School are endless. It has been shown to have a positive impact children’s resilience, teamwork, well-being and self-esteem, as well as their ability to risk-manage and problem solve. It supports children in understanding and managing their feelings and behaviour with plenty of opportunities to talk, reflect and come together as a community. Children become more curious and knowledgeable about the world around them and show greater empathy with animals, the woodland and the environment. There are ample opportunities for group games, activities and challenges, so the children become skilled at negotiating, changing strategies and working with others. By using tools, making fires and doing simple woodland management, the children assess and manage risks and have pride in their abilities.

Out Forest School:
We have our own on-site beautiful 2 acre woodland which the children have regular sessions in all year round.

The children have created the spaces in the woodland and have a real sense of ownership.
There are several areas in the including:

  • A base camp area for group activities and reflections
  • A fire area where children can cook and sit around the fire
  • A tool area where children can practise sawing, hammering and knife work with 1:1 attention
  • A playground with swings, climbing trees, cargo nets and a see-saw
  • Den and shelter building areas
  • A writing area with a wide range of materials and prompts
  • Arts and craft tables for seasonal activities based on the children’s interests
  • Investigation areas for bird watching and invertebrate hunts
  • Role play areas with a stage and props
  • A story tent with a range of nature-themed books
  • Paths to navigate with obstacles and mud slides
  • A mud kitchen for messy and sensory play
The children do a wide range of child-lead activities across the curriculum. There is a mixture of entirely child-lead, spontaneous activities, as well as open-ended planned activities based on the children’s motivations and interests to support them in their next steps.

The children are taught tool skills with a 1:1 ratio. They also take part in fire and cooking activities suitable for their developmental stage.

What we provide:
We provide wetsuits (trousers and jacket) and Wellington boots for the children, as well as all the resources for the sessions. We will send regular photographs and observations of the children’s learning and experiences via the Learning Book. We also provide a lot of passion, enthusiasm and knowledge to best empower and inspire the children.

What parents provide:
Parents will need to provide sunscreen, appropriate clothing (sun hats, coats, etc.) and insect repellent if required.

Mottingham Hall Nursery Children