What are our Earth Values?

Mottingham Hall has created our own set of EARTH values. Our “Earth” values work together with the fundamental British values of Democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, respect and tolerance to create an ethos and an environment that is supportive, caring and nurturing – supporting your children’s lifelong learning.

Our five EARTH values:

  1. Environment: Protecting our environment today for children’s tomorrow.
    As a responsible nursery we care about the environment and the local community. We are members of Eco-Schools (Bronze award) and wherever possible we use natural resources when creating our outside spaces. Our child-centred nursery is set in 4 acres of land with its own Forest School. The children attend Forest School every day and are taught about the natural environment in which they live. Experiencing Forest School helps children understand the world, whether it’s understanding the outside space around them, the creatures that live within it or its relationship to others.
  2. Achievement: High achievement takes place in the framework of high expectation.
    At Mottingham Hall we strive to give our children the best start in their early year’s education. We aim to encourage children’s passion for learning and to help them identify with their achievements so they can become self-assured and creative thinkers. Our approach to learning and development has been created to support children throughout their early learning journeys, so they gain the confidence and skills to succeed at school and beyond. We are committed to the development of our staff with a continuous professional development programme available to all.
  3. Respect yourself and others - we are all unique.
    Attending a nursery can have a positive effects on a child’s ability to learn to share and interact with their peers. At Mottingham Hall our children are encouraged to develop social skills through role play and interaction with their friends. We also spend time teaching children about different cultures and traditions so they grow up respecting and appreciating people’s different beliefs and customs.
  4. Teamwork: Together everyone achieves more.
    Through role playing and activities set up by our educators our children learn about teamwork and supporting their friends. At Forest School, teamwork skills are developed through problem solving, exploring, discovering and developing threads and journeys throughout the day. The dedicated team at Mottingham Hall are committed to providing outstanding high quality childcare.
  5. The first step towards greatness is honesty.
    At Mottingham Hall we are committed to open and honest communication with our parents regarding our children’s development and experience at our day nursery. Our online parent portal gives secure access to your child’s learning and development progress at any time. This has transformed how our parents interact with their child’s early learning experience and makes the process quicker and simpler for their Educators.
    We have an open door policy and you can visit nursery any time. You will always find a positive welcome and an embracing and enthusiastic team. .