The Curiosity Approach:

We are excited to inform you that many great things are happening here at Mottingham Hall for Children. We have decided to embark on the Curiosity Approach Journey. This is an amazing Accreditation scheme, and we are hoping to be one of the first nurseries in the area to follow ‘The Curiosity Approach.’ You can join their Facebook page at: .

They also have an amazing website with lots of really interesting blogs:

This approach is specifically for forward thinking settings like ours, who want to create beautiful environments for our incredible children. Inspiring them to be inquisitive and curious, creating the “thinkers and doers” of the future.

You will see from our nursery photos; we have been making a few changes already to start this journey, such as removing bright coloured walls to a more neutral décor. We are moving away from traditional manufactured plastic toys, to resources that inspire curiosity, awe and wonder. The children get to use real china in the home corners, teaching them the value of caring for objects. Since starting this journey we have had about 2 items broken, which shows us the increased care, and respect children now have for these precious Items. The old plastic tea set would be chucked from one side of the room to the other, yet now the children show care, confidence, and independence in their play.

So why have we embarked on this incredible transformation of our setting?

We have embarked on this journey because we need to provide our incredible little learners with the best start in life, allowing them the opportunity to time, space and the clarity to enjoy the amazing activities we have on offer.

We hope all current and prospective parents will help us embark on this journey and create a truly curious setting for the children. If you have any questions about this accreditation or feel you can support us in anyway with the journey, please do let us know.

Mottingham Hall Children